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Founder and the developer of TaxPlain platform

Our team has huge experience in business management, particularly, in the field of goods/documents exchange flow, and that’s how we know current market demands.The amount of processed data increases continuously which requires fast, confidential and easy document exchange system.

And that’s how we developed Taxplain - secure and efficient document exchange system for financial professionals. Taxplain is a corporate document registry based on GectaHPC BlockChain. With the help of GectaHPC BlockChain, you are able to create valid juridical documents in digital form and record them into the blockchain. This type of documents can be easily signed, read and checked.

Furthermore, a distributed architecture of the data storing enables solid protection against modifications, falsifications and other manipulations of third parties, allowing the owner of a digital copy of the document to access and manage documents in a proper way. BigData class storage has wide functional and features which allow the implementation of such storage to develop corporate documentation registry.

With Taxplain, you get secure data storing and plain managing of your personal information - see for yourself, try it today!

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